I´m Sorry

Saying sorry can be a difficult thing to do. Whether you need to apologise to a friend, a family member or your partner, your apology must be heartfelt and sincere. When it comes to making apologies, sending flowers is a great gift idea for when you need to say "I´m Sorry". Flowers have a way of immediately spreading joy and happiness, so a floral gift and a card to say that you´re sorry will be sure to convey your regret and sincerest apologies. Popular flowers to send your partner when you need to say "I´m Sorry" include bouquets filled with red roses, and other romantic box and vase arrangements. Friends and family will appreciate a soft but sincere floral gift, hand arranged by your local florist. When you need to say "I´m Sorry", let PosyBean deliver your floral apology.

What else do we offer?

Almost all of our designs have multiple size options. Many colour choices are yours to select also. If you have something in mind but don't see it on our site, or if you don't love what you see on our site, just give us a ring. We're only a quick phone call away and would love to design something unique to your tastes.

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