I´m Sorry

Saying sorry can be a difficult thing to do. Whether you need to apologise to a friend, a family member or your partner, your apology must be heartfelt and sincere. When it comes to making apologies, sending flowers is a great gift idea for when you need to say "I´m Sorry". Flowers have a way of immediately spreading joy and happiness, so a floral gift and a card to say that you´re sorry will be sure to convey your regret and sincerest apologies. Popular flowers to send your partner when you need to say "I´m Sorry" include bouquets filled with red roses, and other romantic box and vase arrangements. Friends and family will appreciate a soft but sincere floral gift, hand arranged by your local florist. When you need to say "I´m Sorry", let PosyBean deliver your floral apology.

What else do we offer?

Every order delivered is created by Katie, a qualified & experienced dedicated florist. Place your trust in PosyBean, a flower expert. If you are not satisified with your order please contact us via shop phone 0403142374 ASAP within 12hours of receiving product. Check out our range online.

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